Development Services

Development Services is responsible for the overall planning function within Rothesay, which included development and administration of the Municipal Plan, the Zoning By-law, the Subdivision By-law, the Building By-law, Animal Control By-law and the Sign By-law. Click here to view all the By-laws.

The Municipal Plan is the over riding policy document for the Town that sets out the goals and objectives for Rothesay over a five year period. The Plan covers environmental protection, land use development patterns, transportation, recreation and utility development.

By-laws are the implementation tools for allowing the goals and objectives, established in the Municipal Plan, to be achieved. The Zoning By-law is specific to the development of land within the different areas of the Town. The Subdivision By-law establishes how subdivisions are to be developed and what conditions must be met for development. The Building By-law establishes that all buildings and structures in the town must meet the National Building Code. The Sign by-law sets the standards for advertising by way of signage in the Town.

In addition to the Planning function, Development Services also provides a mapping function through the administration of the Geographic Information System (GIS). This system enables easy and effective property identification and contains aerial photography of each property within the Town for reference and planning. As well, Development Services is responsible for By-law compliance and enforcement. The enforcement function is performed at the present time by the Building Inspector through regular inspections of properties and activities within the Town. He also acts on citizen concerns regarding domestic animal control.

Click here to view the “Community Growth: 2021 Development Statistics” Infographic


  • Long Range Planning
  • Municipal Plan Amendments
  • Zoning By-law Amendments
  • Zoning Inquiries
  • Subdivision Applications
  • By-law Enforcement
  • Heritage Conservation
  • Mapping and Technical Services (GIS)
  • Building Inspection
  • Domestic Animal Control Enforcement

Permit Issuance:

  • Subdivision Approvals
  • Building Permits
  • Development Permits
  • Sign Permits
  • Heritage Permits

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