Town Hall

Rothesay operates under a Town Council/Town Manager form of government. Town Council is elected to a four year term of office and is responsible for making the major policy decisions. The Town Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations and administration of the Town and reports directly to Rothesay Council. Council members represent Rothesay as representatives on external boards and agencies, as do the Town Manager and senior staff members.

Town Committees

Rothesay Council is supported by many Committees of Council and also participates in decision-making in the greater Saint John region through various Boards and Commissions. Rothesay residents are invited to participate in the local decision-making process by offering to serve on Rothesay Committees or as a Rothesay representative on regional Boards and Commissions.

Town Committees consist of the Planning Advisory Committee, Works and Utilities, Parks and Recreation, Age-Friendly Advisory, and the Heritage Preservation Review Board.  External appointments consist of Kennebecasis Regional Joint Board of Police Commissioners, Board of Fire Commissioners (Kennebecasis Valley Fire Department), Kennebecasis Public Library Board, Imperial Theatre, TD Station, Trade and Convention Centre and Aquatic Centre.

There are varying durations on terms and the number of eligible terms, dependent on by-laws, agreements or legislation. Typically appointments are made in December but may also become available during the calendar year and are usually two or three years in duration.  Applications are reviewed by the Nominating Committee and recommendations are forwarded to Council for approval.

You can obtain a copy of the form to complete by clicking this link.

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