About Rothesay

Rothesay is situated in the Kennebecasis Valley, a quick 15 minute drive east from the City of Saint John. The Town of approximately 11,977 (2021 census) is one of the most attractive living environments in Atlantic Canada and seeks to provide exemplary levels of service to its citizens. It is a quiet suburban community that has something to offer children and adults of all ages. Our residents enjoy local park areas, beach sites, wharves, hiking trails and several playground areas for children, in addition to a thriving commercial district.

On January 1, 1998, the former communities of East Riverside-Kingshurst, Fairvale, Renforth, Rothesay and Wells were amalgamated, to form the town of Rothesay. At the time of amalgamation, Rothesay Council struck a committee with the mandate to create a new Coat of Arms for Rothesay. The Armorial Bearings Committee, in consultation with the Heraldic Authority of Canada, chose heraldic symbols that signify the shipbuilding history of our area, the strong rowing history and the important role that our waterways play in not only sustaining but in improving our quality of life in Rothesay. The Coat of Arms preserves the connection to the Duke of Rothesay who first named the area almost 150 years ago.

The town motto, “Quinque Iuncta In Uno (Five United In One)”, represents the strength and unity of our municipality and the joining together of the five founding communities. The Municipal Flag for Rothesay represents the first of its kind in Canada. By permission of the New Brunswick government, the provincial flag, adopted in 1965 on the authority of Queen Victoria`s Warrant of 1868, occupies the topmost part (the hoist) of the municipal flag. The Coat of Arms occupies the fly.

In 2010, in honour of the 150th anniversary of the naming of the Town, a new history book was written by local authors Jude Carson and Gretchen Kelbaugh, entitled “Rothesay, New Brunswick:  The First 150 Years”.

The Kennebecasis Valley area has five elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools. There is a retail district, providing many shops and services to choose from. The Valley area has many churches, of all denominations, and also offers the services of a regional library and three arenas. One of the major attractions that enhances the quality of life in Rothesay is the Kennebecasis River. There are two boating clubs and a rowing club in the area that make extensive use of the river and provide the citizens of Rothesay with excellent access to the waterways in and around the St. John River valley.

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