Electronic versions of Town By-laws are provided for your convenience. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the unofficial copies provided below, Rothesay assumes no responsibility for the reliability of the contents listed below.

Official copies of Town By-laws are available through the Town Clerk’s Office ( or 848-6600).


Number Title Enacted
8-98 A By-law respecting the numbering of buildings in the town of Rothesay 1998
1-99 A By-law to Establish a Planning Advisory Committee 1999
4-99 Building By-law 1999
4-99-1 A By-law to Amend the Rothesay Building By-law 2004
Resolution Amendement to fee schedule “A” By-law 4-99 2012
8-99 A By-law Respecting the use of the New Municipal Coat of Arms, Flag and Crest 1999
3-00 A By-law Describing the Procedure for Directing the Undertaking of a Work as a Local Improvement 2000
4-00 A By-law Directing the Undertaking of a Work as a local Improvement 2000
17-01 A By-law of the Municipality of Rothesay Respecting the Licensing of Taxicabs 2002
3-03 A By-law of the Municipality of Rothesay to Regulate Traffic

Schedule A-7 Amendment



4-03 A By-law of Rothesay Relating to Peace, Order and the Prevention of Nuisances 2004
5-04 A By-Law Setting out the Uniform Frontage Assessment Rate for the Undertaking of Certain Classes of Work as A Local Improvement 2004
8-04 Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention By-law 2005
9-04 A By-law of the Municipality of Rothesay Related to the Closing of Retail Businesses in Rothesay (Consolidation April 2014) 2014
1-07 Rothesay Heritage Preservation By-law Order in Council 2008-79 2007
4-09 A By-law Respecting Dangerous or Unsightly Premises 2009
2-10 Rothesay Zoning By-law

Zoning By-law Map (consolidated to October 2021)

3-10 A By-law Respecting Signage in Rothesay (Consolidation) 2014
4-10 Rothesay Subdivision By-law 2010
1-11 A By-law of the Municipality of Rothesay Respecting Town owned Lands 2012
3-11 A By-law respecting the stopping up and closing permanently of a portion of Brittain Lane. 2011
01-12 Animal Control By-law 2012
2-14 2-14 Procedural By-law (Schedule B amendment December 13, 2021) 2023
1-15 By-law 1-15 Sewage By-law (consolidation) 2016
Schedules Schedule A – Connection 2015
Resolution Schedule B – Fees 2021
1-16 Rothesay Emergency Measures By-law 1-16 2016

A By-law of the Municipality of Rothesay Respecting Streets & Sidewalks

1-18 Water By-Law (Consolidated Nov 12, 2019) 2019
Appendix A – Apartment Buildings (pre-1998) Non-Connection Requirements 2019
Schedules Schedule A – Water connection
Schedule B – Device connection
Schedule C – New construction
Schedule D – Dispute settlement
Schedule E – Water rates
2-18 A By-Law of the Municipality of Rothesay Respecting Remuneration of Council Members and Committee Members

By-Law 2-18 Resolution of Council dated December 10, 2018 (2016-2020 term)

By-Law 2-18 Resolution of Council dated October 15, 2019 (2020-2024 term)

01-19 A By-Law describing the procedure for directing the undertaking of a work as a local improvement 2019
01-19-01 Mulberry Lane Local Improvement By-law
03-19 A By-law of Rothesay respecting Police Protection in the town of Rothesay 2019
03-20 Fire Prevention & Protection By-law 2020
01-20 Rothesay Municipal Plan By-law 2021
01-21 Plastic Bag Reduction By-law (effective June 30, 2021) 2021


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