2023 Sewer Flushing Program

The 2023 Sewer Flushing Program will begin on Tuesday, October 10, 2023 and continuing until approximately Friday, October 20, 2023.


Important notice to all residential and commercial properties connected to the Town sewer system:

Do not allow grease or wipes to be flushed into the sewer system. It causes tremendous and unnecessary cost to residential, commercial, and municipal budgets. Grease and wipes that get deposited into the sewer system could cause a sewer backup on your property or your neighbours. This can increase insurance premiums and utility rates to pay for the damage and increase maintenance costs.

List of areas that will be affected by this year’s Annual Sewer Main Flushing Program.

The following streets listed in order of flushing sequence that will be followed during day-to-day operations. This is just a guideline, so the schedule is subject to change, depending on factors such as line size, age, amount of solids, access, traffic control, weather and equipment issues.

Day 1

  • Maplecrest Drive, Ridgeway Street, Wiljac Street, Garden Street, Neil Street.
  • 100 Second St. to Hazen, 86 First St. to Hazen, Hazen Avenue.

Day 2

  • Riverview Avenue, Third Street, Birchview Terrace.
  • 10-26 Second Street, 10-42 First Street.

Day 3

  • Mercer Drive, Meadow Drive, Eden Drive, Burpee Avenue.

Day 4              (Need Flaggers)

  • Fox Farm, Beauvista Street, 46-90 Second Street, 74-57 First Street.
  • 2142 – 1930 Rothesay Road.

Day 5

  • 47-31 Elizabeth Parkway, Post Road.
  • Netherby Road and Partridge Road (Netherby to Park).
  • Corner of Patridge/Park to Lift Station, K Park Lift Station.

Day 6              (Optional based on remaining Days)

  • Elizabeth Parkway, Crescent Drive, Bayley Drive.
  • Upper end of Broadway Street.
  • Valley Road and Garrison Drive.

Day 7              (Need Flaggers)

  • Millwood Lane, Scott Avenue.
  • 3180 Rothesay Road to Rothesay Corner.
  • Taylor Brook Bridge.

Day 8

  • Manhole #2 just to the left of the outer gate at Fairvale Lagoon (major grease issue).
  • Fairvale Lift Station rag & grease issue.

Day 9

  • Line from Rothesay Park Lift Station across to MH#133 in front of 16 Alexander.
  • Tennis Court Lift Station.
  • Riverside Lift Station Grit Chamber (time permitting).

If you have further questions you may consult our FAQ on the Sewer Main Cleaning Program.

We appreciate the public’s patience with any inconvenience and possible disruption this may cause however this is required yearly sewer maintenance.

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