Rothesay Building By-law 4-99 Schedule “A” Fees

All buildings with an estimated value of construction greater than $1000 $7.25/$1000
Storage Shed (up to $1000) $20
Fences (Up to $1000) $20
Fences (greater than $1000) $5.00/$1000
Electrical Permits $20
Demolition/Relocation $500

Where work requiring a permit under this By-law has been commenced by anyone, prior to issuance of such permit, the fees prescribed above shall be tripled.

Rothesay Zoning By-law 02-10 Schedule “B” Fees

Development Permit $100
Development Officer Variance $250

PAC Application

Variance $250
Temporary Use $250
Similar or Compatible Use $250
Conditional Use $250
Pit and Quarry $1000
Zoning By-law Amendment $1500
Municipal Plan Amendment $2000
Development Agreement Amendment $800
Zoning Inquiry $25

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