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Garbage / Compost & Recycling Truck Tracker

Welcome to Rothesay’s Garbage / Compost & Recycling Truck Tracker This site is designed to give the public the ability to check on the current locations of the trucks as well as provide a history of the routes that the trucks have driven during the previous 2, 4, 12 and 24 hour timespans. The site…Read more >

Garbage/ Compost & Recycling Collection

Never miss another collection day! Print, sync or receive a weekly reminder about your compost & garbage collection. Not Sure what day your collection is on. Click our day of the week map below to see when your area is collected. Garbage, Compost & Recycling Tips Garbage and compost historical tonnages March 2018

Garbage and compost historical tonnages May 2018

Garbage-and-compost-historical-tonnages-May-2018-pdf-150×116.jpg 150 116 image/jpeg Garbage-and-compost-historical-tonnages-May-2018-pdf-300×232.jpg 300 232 image/jpeg Garbage-and-compost-historical-tonnages-May-2018-pdf-1024×791.jpg 1024 791 image/jpeg Garbage-and-compost-historical-tonnages-May-2018-pdf.jpg 1408 1088 image/jpeg

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Garbage and compost historical tonnages March 2018

Garbage-and-compost-historical-tonnages-March-2018-pdf-150×116.jpg 150 116 image/jpeg Garbage-and-compost-historical-tonnages-March-2018-pdf-300×232.jpg 300 232 image/jpeg Garbage-and-compost-historical-tonnages-March-2018-pdf-1024×791.jpg 1024 791 image/jpeg Garbage-and-compost-historical-tonnages-March-2018-pdf.jpg 1408 1088 image/jpeg

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zoom into a specific street for a closer view of the Garbage / Compost trucks. Please visit to check out the Garbage/Compost Truck Tracking Tool. Spring Cleanup Week Solid Waste Pick-Up – May 25,

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FRSC Sort Guide2017

Garbage Compost Recycling Sort Guide

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50lbs. should be placed curbside. Residents are encouraged to use clear compostable bags, non-waxed cardboard cartons or garbage cans that can be emptied into the trucks. Bundles should be no more than four(4) feet long,

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and weighing no more than 40lbs • Residents are required to use compostable bags, non-waxed cartons, or garbage cans that can be easily emptied into the trucks • Please DO NOT use your compost cart

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io n, including the cost analysis. The three options are:  Option 1: Status Quo – curbside garbage and composting plus recycling depots  Option 2: curbside

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