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Development Services

Development Services is responsible for the overall planning function within Rothesay, which included development and administration of the Municipal Plan, the Zoning By-law, the Subdivision By-law, the Building By-law, Animal Control By-law and the Sign By-law. The Municipal Plan is the over riding policy document for the Town that sets out the goals and objectives…Read more >

Building By-law

BY-LAW NO. 4-99 BUILDING BY-LAW The Council of the town of Rothesay, under authority vested in it by Section 59 of the Community Planning Act , R.S.N.B. (1973) Chapter C-12, and amendments thereto, enacts as follows: 1) NAME: This By-Law may be cited as the ‘Rothesay Building Bylaw’. 2) SCOPE: The purpose of this By-Law…Read more >

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Rothesay Building By-law 4-99 Schedule “A” Fees Where work requiring a permit under this By-law has been commenced by anyone, prior to issuance of such permit, the fees prescribed above shall be tripled. Rothesay Zoning By-law 02-10 Schedule “B” Fees PAC Application

Building / Development Permit Application

Required Field Mailing Address: Postal Code: Daytime Phone: Cell Phone: Email: Email: Development Permits Applications Siding Windows Electrical Deck Storage BuildingFence Pool Pool Vinyl Upgrade AttachedHeight HeightAbove AttachedDetached IngroundW ood New PanelDetachedArea/Size Other Transfer Switch Insulation * Generator** Type and Manufacturer Lot NumberNew Addition RenoNewAddition Interior Reno No.of Units Building Plans W ater Permit ApplicationSewege…Read more >

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38″‘ ft RENTAL 6′-9″x4′-6″ 38″ ft RENTAL 6′-9″x4’-6″ 38″‘ ft RENTAL 6′-9″x4′-3″ 38″ ft 7’-6″ b ‘ ” 11—–~ ll'(1~, .. I ”””‘” -1~'( ‘o, 20’1 OFFICE BUILDING -SECOND FLOOR PlAN SCALE l/16=1′-0′ Q OFFICE BUILDING -MAIN FLOOR PlAN 5CALE1 l/16″=1′-0′ poLYLIN£ – D£s/GNS RESIDENTIAL / COt.IMERCIAI… BUILDING DESIGN SITE DEVELOPMENT AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN ARCHITECTURAL…Read more >

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– Recreation Facility & Open Space Inventory B – Community & Neighbourhood Park s Catchment Areas APPENDICES APPENDIX A – Recreational Facility Inventory APPENDIX B – Recreation Buildings Review APPENDIX C – Detailed Online Survey Results APPENDIX D – Recreation Organizations' Survey Results APPENDIX E – Precedents in Clustered Recreation Facilities APPENDIX F – Potential…Read more >

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Counc. Shea and seconded by Counc. Gallagher Jette Council support in principle the publication of an updated “History of Rothesay” book . CARRIED. 7.8 November 2008 Monthly Building Permit Report MOVED by Counc. Shea and seconded by Counc . Young the November Monthly Building Permit Report be received/filed. CARRIED. 7.9 1 December 2008 Draft Planning…Read more >

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The development proposal is for a 36 unit residential apartment building to be located on Millennium Drive, PID# 00065227. The property is zoned Millennium Park [MP] Zone.

hereto (hereinafter called the “Lands”); AND WHEREAS the Developer is now desirous of entering into an development agreement to allow for the development of a multi-unit apartment building on the Lands as described in Schedule A. AND WHEREAS Rothesay Council did, on (INSERT DATE), authorize the Mayor and Clerk to enter into a development agreement…Read more >

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and use and maintenance of the Rothesay potable water system, and to establish water system fees and charges.   The proposed By-law requires all commercial and multi-family buildings to use th e Town water system, where available. The relevant documentation can be found hereand is available for review in the Clerk’s Of Þce at Rothesay…Read more >

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Building / Development Permit Application Subdivision Application PAC Application Sign License Application Community Event Signage Electronic Sign (Rothesay Road) Rothesay Grant Application Bill McGuire Memorial Centre Rental Agreement Application to serve on town committee Completed applications can be delivered to Rothesay Town Hall,  70 Hampton Road, Rothesay, NB or sent by email to

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