Building & Development Permits – FAQ

Q: I am building a house, what do I need to do to connect services? Who do I contact?
Development and building permits are required prior to the start of any construction. Town staff will review the availability of water and sewer services at the time of the application. Payment of a connection fee will be required. Call the Town Office at 506-848-6600.
Q: Do I need a permit and if so, why? When should I apply for a building permit? How do I get a permit for [blank]?
Development activities typically require permits. See and contact the Town Office at 506-848-6600 if you require more information.
Q: Can my contractor apply for the building/development permit?
Yes, the contractor can apply for the building/development permit. The owner must sign the application form as well. Building permits are required for replacing or building a structure that requires construction plans. Any building that has Building Code requirements also requires a permit. Development permits are required to confirm conformance with the Zoning By-law 2-10.
Q: When is a building/development permit required?
Any changes in grades or elevations require a Grading Permit.
Q: What information or drawings are required for the building/development application?
Development permits require site and drainage plans. They may also require permits from the New Brunswick Department of Environment, Department of Public Safety, or a Soils Engineering reports. Building permits typically require construction drawings.
Q: What inspections are required for the building permit?
The type and number of inspections depends on the complexity of your project and will be listed on your permit. For more information contact the Building Inspector, 506-848-6600 or send an email to
Q: Do I need any type of permit or approval to start and operate my home business?
Yes. A home-based business requires approval from the Planning Advisory Committee. Applications for PAC can be picked up at Town Hall or download the form online at: Planning Advisory Committee Application Form (PDF).
Q: I’m thinking about building a new house. Where do I start?
If you are considering building a new house in Rothesay, we recommend reviewing our zoning By-laws by visiting: and calling the Development Officer at 506-848-6600.

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