Water & Sewage Inquiries – FAQ

Q: Is the Town responsible to fix a leak in my water service to my house?
In most cases, the Town is responsible for repairs to the water line between the main and the water valve on the property line. Leaks from the property line to the house are the owner’s responsibility.
Q: Is the Town responsible to repair a problem with my sewer pipe?
The connection between the house and the wastewater main is considered to be the property of the homeowner. Town staff will generally assist with identification of the problem but arranging for the repair is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Work within the street right-of-way requires a permit from the Town prior to the start of any work. The cost of the work is borne by the property homeowner.

Q: Where is my water/sewer lateral on the property?
The Town does not maintain records of the water and sewer connection on each property in the municipality. In most instances, a plumber can assist a homeowner in locating the property services.
Q: Do I have a sewer backflow valve on my house?
Backflow preventer is generally installed by a plumber at the owner’s direction. The Town does not keep detailed records of the plumbing on private property. A backflow prevention valve is sometimes visible near the cleanout in the basement.
Q: What is the metal rod with a round top in my yard?
This sounds like the stem of the water valve that controls the flow of water from the main to the individual building. Operating this valve is a task for Town staff.
Q: Does the Town install the water/sewer service from the main onto the property for an unserviced lot?
While the Town may install laterals to the property line when roads are resurfaced, it is the property owner’s responsibility to install and pay for connections where the services are not available. A permit from the Town is required.
Q: Is the drinking water sourced from Carpenter Pond?
Raw water for the Rothesay municipal water system originates from a series of wells in the general vicinity of Carpenter Pond. The water is treated before distribution.
Q: Where is the water meter and shut off valve in my house?
Within your house the main shut off is typically in the basement where the water service enters the building. This is also the location of the water meter. A remote water meter reader is installed on the exterior to allow regular readings without entering the building. Occasional access may be required to service the meter.
Q: Why is there a sewer gas smell in the house?
An odour from sewer gas may be noticeable when the traps in your plumbing are functioning improperly. If the odour remains after flushing the fixture, a plumber should be consulted.
Q: Why is there a chlorine smell/taste to the water?
Chlorine is used as a disinfectant in the municipal water system.  At times, the taste may be detectable due to less than normal circulation in the system. A refrigerator filter for drinking water may be used if the taste is not desirable.
Q: I want to fill in or install storm sewer pipe in a ditch, will the Town pay or cost share?
A permit is required before any work in Town rights-of-way including in the ditches. The Town does not pay for installing storm sewers for aesthetic reasons. If there is a significant drainage problem that can be fixed by the installation of the storm sewer, the Town will pay the cost. These projects are done on a priority basis.
Q: Will the Town replace my culvert, including the decorative ends?
The Town will replace culverts that are broken or have become dysfunctional. Decorative surfaces and culvert ends are the responsibility of the homeowner.
Q: I had basement flooding in the last big rain event, and I want the Town to compensate me for my losses.
In most instances, the Town is not responsible for basement flooding. Owners are encouraged to contact their insurance agent.
Q: When will you come and clear my catch basins?
The Town appreciates the cooperation of neighbouring property owners keeping catch basin covers clear. Covers are inspected regularly in rainy weather but can quickly be blocked by leaves and other debris. Please do not rake leaves and debris into the catch basins.
Q: My low-lying properties are getting water off the street.
Please make a customer service request through the Town Office at 506-848-6600 and a site inspection will be made.
Q: My property isn’t draining properly, and I have storm water sitting in my yard or my neighbour is directing their water onto my property. What can the Town do to correct the problem?
If your property isn’t draining properly you can apply for a grading permit to re-establish drainage to appropriate infrastructure. Significant changes to grades requires a grading plan and permit. The cost is the responsibility of the homeowner.
Q: I have lived in my home for many years and now my neighbour has changed the grading of their property, which is now causing flooding in my property. Are they allowed to do this? What will the Town do about it?
Town staff do not correct existing drainage problems on private property. If there has been new construction on the neighbouring property, please contact the Town Office at 506-848-6600. If your neighbour is unwilling to correct the problem, you may wish to seek legal advice.
Q: Where can I find more information about the Rothesay Sewer Main Cleaning Program? 
For more information about the annual Sewer Main Cleaning program, please visit the FAQ page on the website: www.rothesay.ca/operations/sewer-flushing-program/faq-sewer-main-cleaning-program/

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