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DISCLAIMER: Electronic versions of Town By-laws are provided for your convenience. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the unofficial copies provided below, Rothesay assumes no responsibility for the reliability of the contents listed below. Official copies of Town By-laws are available through the Town Clerk’s Office ( or 848-6600). Number Title…Read more >

Development Services

Development Services is responsible for the overall planning function within Rothesay, which included development and administration of the Municipal Plan, the Zoning By-law, the Subdivision By-law, the Building By-law, Animal Control By-law and the Sign By-law. The Municipal Plan is the over riding policy document for the Town that sets out the goals and objectives…Read more >

Frequently Requested By-laws

Zoning By-law 2-10 / Zoning Map Subdivision By-law 4-10 Building By-law 4-99 Animal Control By-law 01-12 Sign By-law 3-10

Animal Control By-law

Animal Control By-Law 1/12 Town of Rothesay BY -LAW 01- 12 A By -law of the t own of Rothesay Respecting Animal Control, Enacted Under the Municipalities Act , Section 96(1), R.S.N.B. 1973, c.M -22 The Council of the t own of Rothesay Duly Assembled Enacts as Follows: TITLE 1. This By -Law may be

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are delivered and general policy for how the finances of the municipality will be managed. The protective services including emergency planning, fire prevention and suppression, police protection, animal control and by-law enforcement are key components of the services provided by Rothesay. Policy on these services and others found elsewhere in the Plan will be used

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A By-law of the Municipality of Rothesay Respecting the Licensing of Taxicabs

or Taxicab Owner for taxi service; iii. the person has refused to prepay the required fare to the Taxicab Operator; OR iv. the person requests that an animal or baggage be carried which, in the Taxicab Operator’s opinion, may be detrimental to the repair, cleanliness or sanitary condition of the Taxicab. 10. SUSPENSION OR CANCELLATION

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Rothesay Zoning By-law

i Rothesay Zoning By-law No. 2-10 TABLE OF CONTENTS SCHEDULE ”A” -ZONING MAP ..•..•….••….•…•..••.•.••••• •.••.••..••.•••••.•••…..• .•••.••.•.•…•.• 66 SCHEDULE “B” -FEE SCHEDULE •.•.•.••••..•.••.•…••…•• ……•.••….•.•.•..•…..••..•..•• ••…••.•. 67 SCHEDULE ”C” –ANIMAL UN’ITS •••••••.••.••••••••• •••••…••••..•••••••• .•.•••.•••••••••••••• ••.•.•••••• 68 SCHEDULE “D” -STORMWATERSTANDARDS …………………………………………….. 69 ii Rothesay Zoning By-law No. 02-10 1. ADMINISTRATION 1.1. PURPOSE (a) This By-law may be cited

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Rothesay Heritage Preservation By-law Order in Council 2008-79

or replacing of the exterior of a building or structure, in whole or in part, or the erecti on of any external signage othe r than traffic control devices or statutory notices, within a preservation area and, with respect only to that portion of the preservation area described in the att ached Schedule “B”, shall

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Counc. Shea and seconded by Deputy Mayor MacDonald the memorandum from Town Clerk Banks RE: Procedural By-law and Grants/Donations Policy be received/filed. CARRIED. 8.2 By-law 4-98 A2 Animal Control By-law (amendment) MOVED by Counc. Shea and seconded by Counc. Kilfoil 1 st Reading, by Title, be given By-law 4-98 A2, “ A By-law to Amend

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A By-law Respecting Signage in Rothesay (Consolidation)

adequately determine the cap ability of such support; c) the proposed sign would, in the opinion of the Development Officer, obstruct or otherwise interfere with any traffic control devices, or the visibility of motorists or pedestrians ; d) an applicant has failed to provide the information required by this By -law to the Development Officer;

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