Rothesay Hive Advisory Committee receives Fundy Wellness Champion Award

The Rothesay Hive Advisory Committee received a Fundy Wellness Champion Award for their efforts towards going above and beyond to promote the many aspects of Wellness!

“The Rothesay Hive Age-Friendly Committee of Rothesay council, oversee the function of Rothesay Hive. The centre is a joint function between the Town of  Rothesay, providing space and support functions, and the Regional Y who provide staff and programming. The Hive provides educational, supportive and social functions and mental and physical health initiatives to seniors from across the region. It fills a need identified by seniors in a Town of  Rothesay 2017 survey. Committee members are passionate about supporting seniors in their homes and continue to work on new initiatives for healthy aging.”

Committee members:

  • Councillor Miriam Wells, Chair
  • Diane O’Connor, Vice-Chair
  • Julie Atkinson
  • Gina Chiarella
  • Scott Cochrane
  • Jill Jennings
  • Dr. Shawn Jennings
  • Jean Porter Mowatt
  • Nea Stephenson
  • Robert Taylor
  • Stephanie Underhill Tomilson
  • Keri Flood, Rothesay Recreation
  • Danielle Hawkins, HIVE Coordinator
  • Natalie Reid, YMCA

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