PUBLIC NOTICE: KV Comex Schedule & Route Changes as of July 5, 2021

Posted: June 17, 2021

Changes are coming to the KV Comex bus service. Effective Monday, July 5, bus routes 52 and 53 will merge into one route with two trips in the morning and afternoon.

The morning arrival times at Kings Square will be 7:40am and 8:50am. The bus will begin in the morning with a stop at Parkside Road, travel to the qplex before returning along the Gondola Point Arterial, onto Hampton Road, continuing to the Rothesay Road with its final stop at Kennebecasis Park. The afternoon run will be in the reverse direction, leaving Kings Square at 4:05pm and 5:15pm, with the final KV stop at Parkside Road.

Rothesay understands and appreciates the significance of providing a public transit service to our residents, while also recognizing the importance of its sustainability. It is hoped that these changes to the KV Comex system will accommodate both of these elements.

Please see below the new schedule and route for your information.

Schedule 52 KV Comex (PDF)

Route 52 KV Comex (PDF)

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