Property Questions / Standards & Procedures – FAQ

Q: My neighbor’s property doesn’t meet neighbourhood standards (i.e., building not maintained, lawn is not cut, garbage and neglected vehicles, other types of waste); is there anything the Town can do about that?
Being a good neighbour means being considerate of the people who live next door and sometimes a friendly gesture of assistance can resolve a situation without government intervention. In circumstances where the town of Rothesay is asked to investigate, we will review written complaints about specific properties and our actions will depend on the findings of that inspection. You can submit a written complaint by emailing or drop off a letter at Town Hall please include your full contact information.
Q: My neighbour cut my tree; what can I do about my neighbour’s tree overhanging my property?
Always speak with your neighbour before you cut. Rothesay does not offer legal advice on civil matters between neighbours. The general practice among agreeable neighbours is that branches overhanging the property line may be reasonably trimmed. The definition of reasonable is a matter for you to discuss with your neighbour. Rothesay staff have no authority to adjudicate property boundary issues.
Q: Who owns the tree by my property?  Will the Town come to remove or trim it?
Trees in the public road right-of-way are the responsibility of the Town. If you are concerned about the health of a tree in the public right-of-way near your property, please contact the Town Office at 506-848-6600.
Q: Will the Town remove the beavers near or on my property? (I’m concerned they will cause flooding in my yard.)
The Town will arrange to have beaver dams dismantled, and the animals relocated if they are on public property and have the potential to cause serious damage. For more information contact the Director of Operations at 506-848-6600.
Q: What is the zoning of my property?
You can find the Zoning By-law 2-10 and the Zoning By-law Map online at:
Q: How do I get my property re-zoned?
Changing the zoning of a property requires a detailed application including fees, a recommendation of the Planning Advisory Committee and a public hearing before Council. Please contact the Director of Planning and Development to learn more about the process.
Q: Can I subdivide my property? What is the process?
A property may be subdivided if the resulting lots meet the requirements of the Rothesay Zoning By-law. It is recommended you contact the Director of Planning and Development. Consultation with a qualified surveyor is also recommended.
Q: Where can I build my fence?
Fences may be erected 1 metre from the neighbouring property or on the property line with the concurrence of the neighbouring owner. A permit from the Town is required. You can pick up a permit at the Rothesay Town Hall or download the form here Building / Development Permit Application Form (PDF).

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