Eriskay Dr & Iona Ave Notice


March 21, 2018

This letter is to notify local residents that work will be commencing soon as part of the project to upgrade portions of Eriskay Drive and Iona Avenue. The project limits will extend on Eriskay Drive from Highland Avenue to the intersection with Iona Avenue and from the Eriskay/ Iona intersection to Hampton Road on Iona Avenue.

The project will include upgrading the existing sanitary sewer, installation of new storm water infrastructure to compliment the new curb and sidewalk and reconstruction of the roads with new asphalt and landscaping.

The Town tendered the project in February 2018 and the successful contractor was Galbraith Construction Ltd. of Saint John. Galbraith plans to commence construction soon, subject to weather, and complete the project by the end of July 2018. During construction, given the nature of the work, traffic interruptions and delays should be anticipated and access to driveways will be limited at times as work progresses. All efforts will be made to re-instate driveways the same day, however situations may arise that prevent this from happening. Brunswick Engineering and Galbraith Construction representatives will be onsite every day to help direct and answer questions. Residents will be notified at least one full day in advance of issues concerning individual driveway access. Parking will be arranged during access interruptions and particularly during the placement of concrete curbs and sidewalks. Parking locations will be identified by onsite representatives as and when needed.

The project does not, as designed, include the installation of municipal water. There is a significant cost involved with the installation of a municipal water main. The current bylaw does not dictate that homeowners must connect to the watermain and use Town water as their sole water source once the piping is installed. Therefore, the Town is interested in knowing if there is a strong desire among the neighborhood to have access to Town Water, understanding that there is an individual cost associated. If you feel strongly in favour of, or against, the installation of Town water on Iona and Eriskay Drive as part of this upcoming project the Town urges you to call 848 6668 or email to state your position, ask questions or discuss the possibility with the Town’s engineer.

Your cooperation and patience is appreciated and required in order for this work to be completed as quickly as possible. If you have any inquiries, comments or concerns regarding this work, please contact the Town’s engineering consultant, Stephen Perry, P.Eng from Brunswick Engineering & Consulting Inc 654-7221 or the town of Rothesay 848-6600.


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