Advisory: CN Right-Of-Way Vegetation Control

April 20, 2022

Information from the Canadian National Railway Company:

CN advised that they will be conducting their annual vegetation control activities in the Rothesay area between April and October 2022.

CN is required to clear its right-of-way from any vegetation that may pose a safety hazard. Part II of the Rules Respecting Track Safety adopted by Transport Canada provide that “vegetation on railway property, which is on or immediately adjacent to roadbed, must be controlled.” Vegetation on railway right-of-way, if left uncontrolled, can contribute to trackside fires, reductions in visibility at road crossings, damage to integrity of the railway roadbed and impair proper inspection of track infrastructure.

As such, for safe railway operations, the annual vegetation control program will be carried out on CN rail lines. Certified applicators will be applying herbicides on and around the railway tracks, mainly the graveled area known as the ballast, but also on other areas of the right of way where necessary for safety purposes. All product requirements for setbacks in the vicinity of dwellings, aquatic environments and municipal water supplies will be observed.

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