Advisory: Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) blooms at Renforth Beach

02 August 2023

Please be advised, Public Health has posted the following information at Renforth Beach:

CAUTION: Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) blooms have been seen in this water.

A Bloom can appear as surface scum and/or discolored water (blue-green, green, red, brown or yellow colored water). Contact with a bloom can be harmful. You can’t tell if a bloom is harmful or toxic simply by looking at it.

We encourage you to be active and enjoy the outdoors, but blooms can be unpredictable so please check the water before entering.


  • Do not swim, water-ski, or engage in any other recreational activity that may involve contact with water in areas where a bloom is observed.
  • Keep children, pets, and livestock away. They may be more at risk of becoming ill.
  • Do not drink water, Boiling the water will not remove toxins.
  • Fish caught in the water should have organs removed and be rinsed well with clean drinking water before being cooked or eaten.

Even if no blooms are present, it is recommended you shower with clean drinking water after enjoying recreational waters.

Regional Medical Officer of Health
Department of Health
Government of New Brunswick

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