Road Maintenance & Residential Inquiries – FAQ

Q: When will my street be plowed? Snow hauled away?
Streets are plowed in sequence with main roads plowed first. Progress of the snowplows can be followed using the tracking application accessible on the Town website at:

Snow is only hauled in extraordinary cases of excessive accumulation.

Q: When will the Town make washout and shoulder repairs?
Unless damaged shoulders are creating a significant hazard, work is done in the spring when dry weather permits. Potholes are repaired during the winter snow season and inspected again during the construction season.
Q: When will the Town repair snowplow damage or winter kill?
Physical snowplow damage to turf is repaired when the ground dries out in the spring. The Town does not repair winter kill.
Q: I live on a private lane in Rothesay. I want better plowing and road maintenance.
The Town provides snow plowing and limited maintenance on private lanes as a courtesy. Such work is limited by the dimensions and condition of the lane. These factors are the responsibility of the property owners. For more information contact the Director of Operations at the Town Office at 506-848-6600.
Q: I was travelling on [blank] Street and I damaged my car and I want to the Town to compensate me for the damage.
Vehicular damage thought to be caused by road conditions should be reported to the Town immediately by calling Town Office at 506-848-6600. Vehicle owners are advised to contact their insurance providers and the police if the damage is extensive.
Q: How do I get the pothole on my street repaired?
Potholes should be reported to the Town Office at 506-848-6600 or by email at They are repaired on a batch basis and those considered hazardous will be marked until repairs can be executed.
Q: There are cars speeding on my street. What will the Town do to stop it?
The speed limit on local streets in Rothesay is 40 km/h. Traffic in excess of 40 km/h should be reported to the Kennebecasis Regional Police Force by calling 506-847-6300.
Q: Cars are not stopping at crosswalks. Will the Town please do something about it?
This is a motor vehicle offence and subject to prosecution. Please call the Kennebecasis Regional Police Force at 506-847-6300 with the license number of the vehicle if possible.
Q: What can you do to improve visibility at the [blank] intersection?
The Town consults with private property owners if vegetation on their properties inhibits sightlines. Please contact the Town office at or 506-848-6600.
Q: I have to wait too long at the [blank] traffic lights.  Can’t you change it to be more efficient?
The timing for traffic signal delays is based on recorded traffic counts on the legs of the intersection. These may be reviewed if conditions change or the Town receives a large number of complaints. Submit your complaint by contacting the Town Office at 506-848-6600.
Q: When will bike lanes be added on [blank] street?
Bike lanes have been established on major streets where road width permits. The Town has no plans to install bike lanes on local streets.

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