Development Projects & Construction – FAQ

Q: Is my street going to be paved this summer?
Capital projects are determined by Town Council, usually with the adoption of the annual budget. A list of proposed projects including streets to be resurfaced may be found on the Town’s website. Changes to the list may take place during the year for a variety of reasons. If a project on private property is dependent on a capital project of the Town, property owners are encouraged to confirm project status by contacting the Town Office at 506-848-6600.
Q: Can you meet with me/our group to explain the project and answer questions?
Public Open Houses are generally held for projects of substantial size. Property owners in the vicinity are notified by mail or public announcement. Residents are welcome to inquire at the Town Office.
Q: How early in the morning can construction noise start in Rothesay? How late in the evening can construction go?
Except in emergencies, noisy construction activity is limited to the hours between 7:00am – 9:00pm. If there are any noisy activities outside this period, please contact the Kennebecasis Regional Police Force at 506-847-6300.
Q: Can you deal with/reduce the noise from construction?
Construction inherently includes some noisy activity. In Rothesay, this is limited to the hours between 7:00am and 9:00pm.  Complaints outside these hours should be reported to the Kennebecasis Regional Police Force at 506-847-6300. If the noise is from a Town project, please report it to the Town Office at 506-848-6600.
Q: How can I express my views on a proposed development?
Many developments have forums and/or public hearings. Some development requires polling of neighbouring property owners. Residents can express their views in writing to the Town Clerk. There are deadlines for comments in most situations.
Q: When are you going to complete the trail link to Quispamsis?
There is no schedule for completion of this project as of yet.
Q: Is the trail from Wells going to link across the highway?
This project is pending with funding applications made to the Federal and Provincial governments.
Q: Can you explain why this Town construction project is being done?
In general, the Town carries out construction projects to maintain and replace deteriorated infrastructure or to expand capacity. A general description of the capital projects for the year can be found on the Town website. If your property is affected by a Town project, you will typically be invited to a public open house or receive a letter.
Q: When will [blank] project be starting/how long will it take?
A general description of the capital projects for the year can be found on the Town website. Project duration is influenced by weather and other factors. The Town recognizes there is inconvenience to residents arising from some projects, but this is unavoidable if Town infrastructure is to be maintained.
Q: What’s the development happening at [blank]?
A list of approved private development projects is on the Rothesay website.
Q: When will the development at [blank] be approved?
The timing of development approvals is dependant on several factors including the adequacy of information provided by the proponent.

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