Billing Inquiries – FAQ

Q: I’m new to Rothesay; how do I pay my utility bill?
Utility bills can be paid by mail, on-line or by cash, cheque, or debit at the Town Hall. Unlike water bills, the cost of the sewage utility is not related directly to usage. You can find more information on the Town website at:
Q: Why can’t sewage be billed quarterly?
Quarterly billing would increase administration costs overall. No penalty is applied for sewer payments billed in March until May 31st.
Q: What is the balance on my utility account?
If there is an outstanding balance on your utility account, you will be sent a statement each month.  The interest rate is noted on every statement and is currently 1.25% per month.
Q: Why isn’t my payment showing on my utility bill?
Payments are processed in “batches” and if a statement is issued before the payment is applied the payment may not be shown on your utility bill.
Q: How can I receive my utility bill by email?
Receive your quarterly utility statement directly to your inbox by simply emailing your name and address to
Q: How do I appeal my utility bill?
If a customer believes there is an error in the utility bill, the Town Treasurer should be contacted at Town Office at 506-848-6600.
Q: Why is my water bill higher than usual?
There are a variety of reasons for a higher bill. If your usage has been typical and your bill is higher than usual, check for running toilets or taps and call a plumber. For more information, please contact the Town Treasurer at Town Office at 506-848-6600.
Q: I have a question regarding water and sewerage invoices, particularly quarterly water invoices, whom can I contact?
Questions with a description may be sent to the Town Treasurer at by email to or call the Town Office at 506-848-6600.
Q: Where do I pay my property tax?
Property Tax bills are issued by Service NB, payments are payable to the Minister of Finance. Please refer to the back of your bill for payment instructions. Rothesay Town Hall cannot accept Property Tax payments.

For more information on Property Tax Payment Options, please visit:

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