2019 Sewer Flushing Program

The Rothesay Operations Department will be conducting the annual sewer flushing program starting on Oct 16th and continuing until approximately Nov 1st  on some of the streets.

This is for the removal of grit, sand, and debris from the sewer mains which reduces potential sewer main disruptions, odor generation and premature wear of mechanical components in lift stations.  Please note there will also be Works Department flushing of storm mains and structures before and after this program, continuing well into November.  The Town appreciates your cooperation with any disruptions as a result of this required maintenance.

The following streets in order of flushing sequence that will be affected during day to day operations. This is just a guideline and subject to change / variation, depending on factors such as line size, age, amount of solids, access, traffic control, weather and equipment failure events.

Day 1

  • Burns Avenue, Jones Avenue, Wilson Drive
  • Milne Street, Ellis Drive
  • School Avenue, Strong Court

Day 2

  • Shipyard Road, Conley Lane
  • Frances Avenue
  • Beach Drive, Cove Crescent

Day 3

  • Beach Drive, Eydie Drive, Cove Crescent, Camden Court
  • Back flush line from end of Beach Drive across towards Wynn Street

Day 4

  • Maple Drive, Wiljac Street, Ridgeway Street
  • Garden Street, Neil Street, Beauvista Street
  • Upper section of Riverview and Third Street

Day 5

  • Birchview Terrace, Riverview Avenue, Second Street
  • First Street
  • Hazen Avenue
  • Burpee Avenue

Day 6

  • Mercer Drive
  • Meadow Drive, Eden Drive
  • Rothesay Road (between Mercer Drive and Burpee Avenue)

Day 7

  • Fox Farm Road, First Street, Second Street, Third Street
  • Rothesay Road ( between Birchview Terrace and Hazen Avenue)
  • Gondola Point Road (between Strong Court And Shipyard Road) and Vincent Road

Day 8

  • Scott Avenue, Millwood Lane
  • Rothesay Road (from Rothesay corner to Maiden Lane)
  • Taylor Brook Bridge

Day 9

  • Tennis Court Rd trunk line along tracks to Tennis Court Lift Station
  • Grit Chamber at Riverside Lift station
  • Manhole #2 just to the left of the outer gate at Fairvale Lagoon
  • Line from MH #132 next to 26 Rothesay Park Lift Station across to MH#133 in front of 16 Alexander

Day 10

  • Elizabeth Parkway, Crescent Drive, Bayley Drive
  • Upper end of Broadway St
  • Valley Road and Garrison Drive

Day 11

  • Elizabeth Parkway, Post Road
  • Netherby Road and Partridge Road
  • K Park Lift Station.

If you live on one of the streets being flushed this year and do not have a backflow prevention device, here are some precautions to reduce the effect of potential backflow events:

  1. ensure all toilet seats are down;
  2. avoid using washroom facilities when the flushing truck is within sight of your home;
  3. place bath towels around the base of toilets to absorb any overflowing water;
  4. plug all sinks when not in use;
  5. ensure the washing machine hose connection is tightly connected (a rag can be used to fill the gap between the washer hose and the drain pipe);
  6. If water does overflow a fixture, clean the area with a disinfecting cleanser, wash soiled towels and other cleaning rags with a small quantity of Javex added to the wash water and contact the local municipal crew as soon as possible to prevent further overflows.

We appreciate the public’s patience with any inconvenience and possible disruption this may cause during this required yearly sewer maintenance.

If you have further questions you may consult our FAQ on the Sewer Main Cleaning Program

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