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Spring Street Sweeping


Spring Street Sweeping

The Operations Department would like to inform you that sweeping of Town roads began April 8th and will continue over the next two weeks. They have started in the Highland area and will work their way across Rothesay finishing at the Vincent Road. Citizens should be aware that they are not permitted to sweep their yard waste to the curb at any time, and if they do so after their street has been swept, the Town will not be going back to clean it up.

We ask that people refrain from parking on street wherever possible when our sweeping crews are in the neighborhood.


A Message from the Director of Operations:

Spring is here again and that leads to exciting renewal work by the Rothesay Operations Department.  In the coming weeks our staff will be busily cleaning the streets of accumulated sand and salt residue, repairing any damage to Town property that may have occurred from the winter maintenance operations and getting ready to enter summer work mode.  Our crews transition around this time of year from a focus on street and sidewalk maintenance, mainly snow clearing, to cleaning up after the winter and focusing on street repair, storm drainage maintenance, sign repair or replacement and line painting. 

The Town Works Operations is made up of 16 people. Our operation is basically organized as one superintendent or coordinator who plans the day to day work, two foreman each with a crew of 6 people who carry out the work and one mechanic who keeps everything running smoothly.  The Works Department has a very dedicated staff with years of service ranging from 1 year to 34 years.  The Works Operation is very dynamic in that it includes attending to planned, coordinated activities as well as responding quickly to customer concerns, the customers being you the residents of Rothesay, and to emergencies such as accidents, fires and watermain breaks all of which have a role for our public works staff to play.

In the past year the Town has implemented a new system to log, respond to and follow up on customers service requests.  The system is working very well and helps our staff better plan their activities.  As Director of the Operations Department I would urge anyone who sees an apparent problem, has an individual concern or simply needs to partake of Town services such as connecting to our various utilities to please contact the Town Hall and ask to “have a service request entered” for whatever issue is at hand.  This approach logs the information electronically and provides a much better tracking system.  To date, we have had great experience with the system and have received encouraging feedback from you, the residents of Rothesay. 

Our capital construction program will also be getting underway in the not too distant future.  This year the Town continues with an asphalt resurfacing program in an ongoing bid to improve our overall street surface quality, a sidewalk renewal and expansion program based on assessed needs and storm drainage improvements. 

Please enjoy your summer and be patient, cautious and safe around Town construction work.